meet me

I'm a graphic designer who strives to create the perfect balance of beauty and practicality through the user experience.

I have experience in editorial design, as well as wireframe and workflow prototyping and copywriting.


skills & expertise

graphic design

I've worked in graphic design departments at a variety of companies ranging from; museum and exhibition design at Lord Cultural Resources; e-learning modules and courses at the Center for Extended Learning at the University of Waterloo; digital content management at Second Funnel.

I've freelanced and done contract work for various clients and companies.

print & layout design

I volunteered at Imprint Publications for 5 years in the graphic design department in roles like Graphic Design Editor, proofreader, and reporter. I've also designed corporate print documents such as reports and books.

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I have a Masters of Digital Media from Ryerson University. My thesis focuses on creating user engagement through the use of digital avatars in a theme park queue line. For more details on my thesis, you can find it here.

At Ryerson University, I also completed the TA/GA certification program, and have maintained a 4.0 GPA.

I also have a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Waterloo. I majored in Honours English in rhetoric and professional writing, and I specialized in Digital Arts Communication. I also took part in the Arts & Business Co-operative education program.

personal interests


I currently run my own Etsy store, selling hand-made cross stitch patterns, designs, and buttons.

euro gaming

I love euro-style boardgames. My favourite mechanic is worker placement and set collection. I maintain a collection of well-loved and well-played games. My favourite is Lacerda's The Gallerist!


I'm a powerlifter and runner in my spare time. I completed the Scotiabank half marathon in October 2017. I also competed in powerlifting in October 2016, with a 90kg (198#) squat, 40kg (88#) bench press, and a 110kg (242.5#) deadlifting. I totaled 240kg (529#) coming in 3rd place in the 52kg class.

girl guides

I am currently a Guider with the 68th Toronto Guides as well as the unit treasurer. Previously, I was a girl member for 10 years with the 8th Vancouver Girl Guides. I've received my Chief Commisioner's award as well as the Richard C. C. Tse Outstanding Scout and Guide award.